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Indonesia approves IDR 14T east Palapa Ring network concession

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Cross Docking

In 2007, Cross Docking of product delivery of PT. Nestle Indonesia in Makasar. In this way, PT Nestle Indonesia can deliver the product efficiently and reduce the delivery cost.  


Warehousing and Consolidation

In this project, PT International Nickel Indonesia Tbk., PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara dan PT DSM Kaltim Melamine appointed MIF as their partner to handle consolidation, storage and distribution where Tanjung Tembaga as consolidation hub.


Exploration Equipment Shipment

MIF handles the mobilization (sea and land) of exploration equipment of Genting Oil Kasuri Pte. Ltd. such as rig to West Papua Area in end of 2009.


Casing Tube Shipment

In February 2010, MIF arranges the distribution of casing tube from Kangean Energy in Kangean Island Madura to Kondur Petroleum S.A. in Malaca Street.